LED Panel Light - Round Surface

Product Description


Integration of ultra-thin lamp body structure design and high quality aluminium to ensure the better heat release. 2. High-end 2835SMD chips, single brightness up to 28-30LM to ensure high photosynthetic efficiency. 3. Intelligent IC constant current driver, stable current, to ensure the safe use.

Application Of Light Color

The cold Light: also called white light, its color temperature in the range of 6000K-6500K; this kind of color have a bright feeling, make people focus, apply to the office, meeting room, classroom, drawing roon, reading roon, exhibition window, etc.

The natural light: also called natural white, its color temperature in the range of 4000K-4500K; this kind of color is soft, make the people pleasant, comfortable and serene, apply to store, hospital, office hotel, waiting room, etc.

The warm white: also called the yellow light, warm light color temperature in the range of 2700-3500K; warm light is similar to the light of incandescent lamp, to provide people a warm, health, comfortable feeling, and is suitable for families, residential, hotels, etc.




Additional Info

Watts 6 W
Light Output 510 lm
Voltage 90-227 V