With over 20 years of electrical lighting experience, we are dedicated to working with a team of professional engineers, providing quality efficient LED lighting products and catering to your residential, commercial and industrial needs.

The brand “DBD” brings to you, a variety of quality LED lighting products at an affordable price to light up your life Day By Day.


Our products are electrically certified for domestic and foreign marketing with certifications such as CE, ETL, ROHS and IECEE. They surpass similar L.E.D products on the market through quality, service and pricing and can only be differentiated by its field test performance. The benefits of using DBD L.E.D products are the 90% energy saving factor, the life expectancy for example, DBD L.E.D lamps have 30,000 hours of life that lasts up to 14 years with 6 hours of daily usage, multi-range voltage that can used with a supply of 120V or 220V, durable which can be characterised as shatter-proof and the products are safe to the user and the environment.

Benefits of using DBD L.E.D lamps

Energy Consumption – L.E.Ds can save the user in the range of 80 – 90% of energy saving costs
Expectancy life hours – L.E.Ds can last up to 8 times the life span of a compact fluorescent lamp and 50 times than an incandescent lamp based on usage of the bulb.
• 6 hours per day – 14 years
• 12 hours per day – 7 years
Multi-range Voltage – 95V~240V whereas although most users in Trinidad use the 110V range for most electrical needs, there are also those whom switch to 220V voltage range with the reason being that less current is required!
Power Factor – Measures how effectively the load takes power from the lines (power plant) figuratively speaking, the higher the power factor, the less current is being used! Whereas, in some countries such as the United States, a power factor of at least 0.8 is required for 5W and over.
E.g Incandescent bulbs use a power factor of 1.0!
Environment and User Friendly – L.E.Ds do not consist of toxic chemicals such as arsenic, lead, mercury and other such harmful gases. Thus, disposal of these products are not hazardous to the environment and to the users. L.E.Ds also do not emit much UV radiation and infrared light as compared to other traditional lights!
Durability – Some L.E.D products such as those that are made from plastic and aluminum are shatterproof i.e they are made with solid state components and are resistant to vibrations and shocks!